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Madness in Abyss

Release Date Oct 24, 2008

Amduscia - Madness in Abyss

Mexico attacks again! The other Middle American figurehead in Harsh Electro has completed works on its third album – and it is a hefty experience, indeed! Harder and far more infernal than ever, “Madness In Abyss” crushes us with rhythmic loops and pulsing beats while heavily distorted vocals and whipping EBM-sequencers kick us in the face. Edgar, Polo and Raoul have left their basic sound, an industrial perversion of Techno and Trance, intact but have embedded them in more complex and intense, sample-heavy constructs, thus banning the last spark of light from their songs. The Mexican trio has kept the clubs in mind as well, though, basing their Hardfloor attack on straight beats combined with atmospheric soundscapes that provide their aggressive sounds with a catchy edge. The limited first edition comes in a Digipak and contains a bonus disc that shows the trio from a different musical side which is dominated by extraordinary Dark Ambient tracks – the perfect sounds for a mad trip into the insides of a psychopath. The aptly titled “Madness In Abyss” is by far Amduscia’s best and most mature release to date. (Source: Out Of Line)


Track Listing:

CD 1
1. Kill, Inc., Motherfuckers (Lyrics)
2. Decision Inminente (Lyrics)
3. Madness in Abyss (Lyrics)
4. Perverse Party (Lyrics)
5. Animal Instinct (Part 1) (Lyrics)
6. Perversión, Perdición, Demencia
7. Animal Instinct (Part 2) (Nightmares of Conscience)
8. Ashes of Betrayal (Album Version)
9. War on Me
10. Schizo Dance
11. La Muerte
12. What

CD 2
1. A Pleasure Without End
2. Bad Seed
3. Show Me
4. The Visage Of Evil
5. The Last Breath (Nobody Could Help You)
6. El Consuelo Final
7. …