Amduscia Official!

Melodies for the Devil

Release Date Nov 3, 2003

Amduscia - Melodies for the Devil

After more than 3 years of waiting and numerous, extremely successful compilation appearances, Out of Line finally announced the release of the debut full-length album by the next Mexican Industrial sensation Amduscia. Never before fans have been bombarding us with requests for a new release, as for this debut. Amduscia will have an extreme and powerful impact on the Electro/Industrial scene, as only Hocico has accomplished before them! Amduscia are the second coming, the second invasion of Mexican brutality – a massive strike of power from the land of the Aztecs. Uncompromising dark Electro with slight Trance-influences with a harshness never heard before! On Out of Line. (Source: Out Of Line)


Track Listing:

1. Beyond The Darkness (raving mix)
2. Killing Missio
3. Dios Vuelto Miseria
4. Merciless Vain Reign
5. Fucking Flesh (raw mix)
6. Melodies For The Devil
7. Seeing You Pray
8. Embrion
9. Evil Song (paradise mix
10. Profano Tu Cruz (full version)