Amduscia Official!


In the medieval demonology it is said there was a duke from hell specially dedicated to music, who could offer a concert without the audience being able to see the instruments
being performed. Amduscia transmits in its music the dark side existing in human being
and probably also into entities, reflecting the chaotic and aggressive we live day by day.
Being supported by electronic music, since with such technology you can offer a whole concert without the instruments being performed, able to be seeing, sustaining with this the name Amduscia.

Our genre is very varied, starting with the creation of dancing rhythmic basis, dark atmospheres and melodies, with some insertions of samplings adding an aggressive voice. Giving as a result a fusion of musical elements between the light of techno and the aggressive of electro and industrial.

Influences: our influences vary from dark ethereal, dark wave, gothic, cyberpunk, old ebm school, to newest or more recent beats such as synth pop, future pop, etc.

“If you thirsty to enter a dark and virtual dimension or maybe real into music, come here and if by chance you can`t see who is playing, is that Amduscia decided it to be so”

The Band arises in Mexico City in 1999 with three members named: Polo, Edgar, Raul, our concept was focused for the anxiety to express feelings from a chaotic world, where raw is the reality of our existence, focusing in a country such as ours, with a high delinquency level and economical problems, all this through a political style where there`s no democracy and emerges a high level of corruption, all of this for the well being of high mandatories as could be church, institution that takes the use of images and ideologies of supreme beings for a only use: the maintance of society in a passive state, to be able to obtain the economy through their faith, this means, all the opposite from what they think their god is.
We taking all this ideology we try to reach the expression through sounds and aggressive lyrics that rave your senses turning the unreal into real.